Monday, May 24, 2010

Damn my forgetfulness!

So I new this date was coming up and i was really excited about it and everything.... then i forget all about it! What am i on about??? well our blogs one year anniversary obviously! Anyways just wanted to say that have enjoyed doing the blog over the last year and hope everyone has ebnjoyed reading it- might get a little wierd at times (like the pinotage post) it might be a little funny hopefully (like the bluffing your way through wine tasting post) but i always hope you find it entertaining! So after a year if there is anything you would like done differently- like maybe not go for so many exclamation points!!!! please let me know!
Also while I've got you ear! June 16th- keep this day free! Thats right- we've finally gotten around to organising some sort of wine tasting event. We'll be focussing on New Zealand wines- which i know will be a hit with everyone. So while we don't have much more info on it than that, we thought we'd let you know cause spaces will be limited! Anyways you can easily book your place now by e mail, phone, or popping into us in the store!
So one alst time- happy 1 year to us, and thank you everyone who has read the blog over the past year... and don't worry, we can only get better at it!

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